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The Vice Chairman and CEO of Doğuş Construction, Mr. Burak Talu participated in the “Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) Summit” held in London under the main sponsorship of McKinsey & Company on October 29-31, 2018.

Burak Talu participated as a panelist in the session “Adapting the E&C Business Model” as a part of the “Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) Summit” which is one of the world’s leading summits organized in different parts of the world in every 18 months with the purpose of identifying ways to improve the delivery of infrastructure, providing solutions to global changes and promote economic growth.

In the summit which convenes the world’s most senior leaders in infrastructure and capital projects, Mr. Talu emphasized that “innovation in construction sector” could only be achieved by digital transformation in this sector, thus in the upcoming years this could enable an increase of 15-30% in productivity in terms of time and cost. According to data by McKinsey & Company, infrastructure investments in the world reached 10.5 trillion USD annually.