Quality Embedded in Our DNA

In line with its corporate values and strategy, Doğuş Construction aims to increase its profits with a client-oriented approach by delivering high quality production and services that meet the expectations of its stakeholders. We accordingly;

  • Do our job right the first time and continuously measure the quality of the work and services produced in accordance with the plan.
  • Aim for the efficient use of resources and ensure to deliver the projects on time and within predicted budget.
  • Meet client requirements (legislations, regulations, standards, contracts, etc.) and exceed expectations.
  • Monitor our processes and measure our performance on a regular basis in order to increase stakeholder satisfaction aiming for continuous improvement.
  • Hire quality employee, empower and support our people at every stage of their professional development to receive high quality outcomes; employee loyalty is considered as a top priority of our company.
  • Engage our employees in the systematic evaluation of potential risks and opportunities in each process, plan actions and promptly implement them to achieve business excellence.
  • Use the most modern and efficient working methods, apply high technology, information and management systems and constantly improve ourselves.
  • Establish long-term cooperation with our clients, partners, suppliers and subcontractors based on mutual trust and put great emphasis on respect and transparency.

With this policy; we accept quality as an integral part of our corporate culture and business and undertake the responsibility to carry our knowledge and experience from the past to the future.


Act Today for Tomorrow

Creating safe, healthy and environmentally sensitive work environment for our stakeholders is considered as the most fundamental element of our success and an essential component of our business strategy. We accordingly;

  • Implement Health, Safety and Environmental Management System with a proactive approach and ensure that hazards are eliminated, and risks are reduced in the workplaces.
  • Ensure top-down commitment to Health, Safety and Environment and decisiveness to take the necessary measures.
  • Minimize the potential impacts of our activities and prevent contamination to protect the environment.
  • Use natural resources efficiently and adopt effective waste management practices.
  • Contribute to the protection of biodiversity, slowing down climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions during our activities.
  • Encourage the awareness, communication and engagement of employees and their representatives with senior leadership.
  • Meet legal requirements, ethical rules, client expectations and international standards.
  • Regularly monitor our Health, Safety and Environment targets and measure our performance for continuous improvement.

Accepting human and environment as our core values; we continue our efforts to prevent injuries and occupational diseases and to leave an inhabitable and sustainable environment for today’s and future generations.