Integrated Management System Scope

Doğuş Construction’s Integrated Management System Scope has been defined and documented as “General Contracting, Design, Procurement, Project Management, Construction, Installation, Erection and Commissioning Works for Domestic and International Projects".

It includes the activities carried out at every stage of construction and contracting works offered to employers, construction and contracting works and services, domestic and foreign workplaces, routine and non-routine works, normal, abnormal and emergency situations and employees, contractors, visitors and all persons who have access to the workplace.

The organization's competencies regarding Occupational Health, Safety and Environment involves the environmental consciousness, being aware of the company's main strategy on occupational health and safety, using natural resources and all types of energy resources in the most efficient and economical way, taking necessary precautions on occupational health and safety, working with this awareness while fulfilling its duties and responsibilities. For the sustainability of these competencies, several control methods are implemented such as project visits, internal audits, site controls in the project, checklists and reporting to the headquarter.

Doğuş Construction's Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management System includes the following elements:

• Management leadership

• Organization, roles and responsibilities

• Risk assessment

• Legal requirements

• Professional competence and training

• Emergency planning

• Employee engagement, effective communication and consultation

• Investigation of accidents and incidents

• Subcontractor management

• Site control and audits

• Performance measurement

• Management review

• Incentive and discipline program